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Transitional is a work that wrestles with the absolutes, the moment a work is determined an art, traditional assumptions of making and "A"rt as commodity.This project examines what happens when imagery is echoed, dismantled and re-contextualized through the medium of the internet. Within the installation pots and mugs sway from product to Post-Modern abstractions, while the shelves they sit upon reference Minimalist structures. Everything is the work. Digitally created textiles worn by members of the audience is echoed in the images displayed on the wall calling into question the extension of the frame.

The Transitional project consisted of 30 performers wearing custom printed & sewn textiles. The participants moved within the existing gallery space transitioning into an additional offshoot of artist's workspaces, audible cues were conducted by L.A. violinist Mo Javi.

Performance Scores
Phase 1 (Gallery)
6:15 Start
Motion1: Freeform play
Motion2: Pluck Song
Participants: Volume quieter
Motion3: Vows Sealed
Participants: Forward movements
Motion4: Freeform
Motion5: Pokemon Go
Participants: Start discussing

Phase 2 (Artist’s Workspaces)
6:40 Start
Motion1: Freeform play
Motion2: Mo Javi-Nashland Jig
Participants: Transition to workshops
Motion3: Freeform
Motion4: Freeform
Motion5: Trumpet Voluntary
Participants: Walk back

Phase 3 (Gallery)
7:05 Start
Motion1: Freeform
Motion2: Bach Yo-yo ma
Participants: spread away from each other
Motion3: Dvořák- Symphony No 9
Participants: Phrase, Something’s happening
Motion4: Freeform play
Motion5: 16th Notes
Motion6: Freeform

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