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FPO: For Placement Only


Room scale installation with Virtual Reality Component

FPO is a collaborative effort by artist's Russell Borne & Brittney Connelly. This collaboration was born out of many obsessive discussions surrounding our twenty-first century poetics of space. The work circles around the central question, had Gaston Bachelard written his famous text “The Poetics of Space” in this moment how would he choose to work through the digital landscapes that exist in tandem to our everyday lives? How do we study the room if the room is flexible, if information is exchanged within it in seconds. “FPO” is an attempt to restructure or gain some understanding of this new architectural terrain. The digital brushes serve as a codec or overlap that envelop shapes born out of the language of programs like Photoshop, Illustrator. Sketchup and Instagram. The installation houses “situations” made up of physical objects, these situations are temporary in nature and serve to fill in space, ready to be photographed and re-digested into our digital world. 

Please visit our gallery of objects via #fpowhitegallery or download the app WallaMe to find our geo-tagged artworks in augmented 3D.

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