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01 about

Brittney Connelly (b. 1985) fervently believes that one should challenge the structures that often encircle our understanding of what art is, was, or can be. In keeping true to this mantra, her practice shifts in format. It takes shape through the creation of experimental forms, through sculpture and photographic mediums, and is expressed through curatorial work. Her practice is about cultivating new places/spaces for artists and their audiences. 


02 portfolio


03 Upcoming and Current Exhibitions

Upcoming Solo Exhibition: November 13th, 2021 @ Carnation Contemporary, Portland, Oregon

Postponed Until Further Notice: Foreign Bodies, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, Portland, Oregon


Curriculum Vitae

2019 |  <SCRIPT> (Curatorial Project), Carnation Contemporary, Portland, Oregon

2019 | Fresh Air, Outback Arthouse, Los Angelos, California 

2019 | Foreign Bodies, Stroboscope (Curatorial Project), Warsaw, Poland

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